Oct 15, 2021
Simon King
Product & Design

Simplifying medication management with automated follow-ups

4 out of 5 doctor - patient interactions end with at least one prescription. But for every 100 prescriptions written, as few as 48 are even picked up at the pharmacy, and as little as 25 are taken properly. That’s why we initially rolled out our medication list, a centralized spot where you can add medications and dosages, find coupons, and view medication basics like how to safely take the medication and why the medication has been prescribed. Today, we’re excited to share a major expansion to this medication list that will help you better stay on top of your health. After your conversation, Abridge will automatically detect possible changes to your medications to help you keep your list up-to-date.

Here’s how it works:

When recording conversations with your doctor, Abridge algorithms detect potential changes to your medications, and will prompt you to review and confirm any changes. From there, it's just a push of a button to add your newly confirmed medications to your list. We wanted to make it easier for you to be proactive about medication changes. That’s why Abridge can automatically remind you to take a look at potential medication changes after your conversation.

A quick note on privacy: your privacy is our top priority. When you use the Abridge app to record medical information, you’re in control of your personal information. Medication detection is done entirely by our algorithms, never by humans! That means Abridge's suggestions may not always be 100% correct. You can help the system improve over time by confirming or rejecting medications, and rest easy knowing that any feedback you provide is securely and anonymously stored.

While taking medications may be routine, it isn't always easy to make a habit of managing changes to your medication list.. So when you need a little extra help, rely on Abridge to keep track of medications for you. Have some thoughts on how we can continue to evolve our medication features? Reach out at hello@abridge.com.

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Simon King

VP of Product

Simon is VP of Product at Abridge. Previously, he was a Design Director at IDEO, where he led human-centered innovation across a diverse range of industries.