We Transform Conversations into INSIGHTS with ai

Our mission is to power deeper understanding in healthcare through purpose-built AI.

“We’re giving agency back to clinicians, creating clarity for patients, and establishing radical efficiencies to transform healthcare from the conversation up.”

Shiv Rao, MD
CEO, Founder

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Shiv Rao
Shiv Rao, MD
CEO, Founder

Working at Abridge gives me the opportunity to advocate for patients the way I do at my weekly clinic, but at scale.

Zack Lipton
Zack Lipton, PhD
Chief Technology/Science Officer

This is the moment when AI transforms healthcare. I joined Abridge to improve clinician lives by pushing the frontiers of this technology and rolling it out responsibly.

Julia Chapin
Julia Chapin
Chief Operating Officer

Healthcare is inherently human. Working at Abridge means I can help restore connection and meaning to every clinician-patient visit.

Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson
Chief Commercial Officer

I joined Abridge to help transform the patient-provider interaction that is fundamental to healthcare.

Tina Shah
Tina Shah, MD
Chief Clinical Officer

After over a decade working on burnout as a national expert, I joined Abridge because it is helping clinicians today.

Daniel Gloede
Daniel Gloede
SVP, Finance and Operations

I joined Abridge to transform healthcare conversations by making documentation easier and improving the care journey for everyone.

Our core values

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The obstacle is the way

We embrace challenges and transform constraints into unique solutions. Obstacles don’t deter us — we find a way to move around them, flowing like water.


Choose action

We ship, learn, iterate, and empower each other to maintain momentum. We focus on reducing cycle time, working together to figure out how to do things better and faster. We work in a blameless culture, with a relentless pursuit for continuous improvement.


Taste good things

We’re curious people and it makes sense — you have to taste good things to have good taste. As lifelong learners, we continuously seek knowledge and the ‘why’ behind the ‘what.’ We love nerding out.


Help others win

We leave egos behind in pursuit of achieving success as a team. Success for us is a team sport and we use constructive feedback to help each other achieve growth.


Honor humanity

We empathize with the needs of our users, accounting for their daily challenges and aspirations. We develop a deep understanding of how we can best serve them, earning and maintaining trust.

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