Covid-19 Telehealth Solution for Clinicians.

Keep your health in focus. One conversation at a time.

Abridge records the details of your care and helps you understand your health.

Technology designed to recognize your doctor’s advice and key medical terms, so you can stay on top of your health.

The voice of your health

It all begins with the dialogue between you and your doctor. With Abridge catching the details of your conversation, you can always hear what your doctor has to say.


Listen in

Whether in conversation at your doctor’s, or a talk over the phone, Abridge records it so you can be more present during the appointment.

New: Telehealth feature for clinicians

Review the transcript to see the medical terms you discussed – from symptoms to conditions, procedures to medications.

Our technology highlights what’s important in the conversation, so you can focus on the details.


Revisit your doctor’s visit

Play back or skip ahead. Listen again 
with fresh ears to the transcript for a quick review, or replay key points in the discussion.

Expand your own story

Gain a complete picture of your health, and share it with others.


Every conversation becomes your record

Keep your story, and your data, intact. Doctor to doctor, condition to outcome.

New: Telehealth feature for clinicians

Gain a fresh perspective

Learn more about your diagnosis and medications, and even access prescription savings.


Keep friends and family on the same page

Securely share a summary of the conversation as if someone was at the appointment with you.

See how clinicians can bring specialists into the conversation

Learn how people have introduced Abridge into their health journeys.

“It kept my mind focused on my appointments. I didn’t have to remember every word that was said, or every medication."

Yolanda Murphy

“The Abridge app is a must have for anyone who visits the doctor. As someone who has battled cancer 4 times over the last 14 years, this is something I wish I had all those years ago. You no longer need to worry about remembering the important details from a doctor’s appointment. Abridge takes care of it all."

Steve Giallourakis

“I remembered 50% of what happened at my last appointment, but Abridge filled in the gaps and corrected a misunderstanding."

Danny van Leeuwen

“I got home from my appointment and my husband asked me, ‘What did the doctor say?' With Abridge, I just replayed the conversation for him."

Kate Tedesco

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