Power better care delivery experiences for everyone.

Structure, summarize, and get insights on any healthcare conversation — all through Abridge’s medical AI.

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Boston Children's Hospital
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Built for your needs

Get more from your medical conversations.

Whether conversations happen in-person, virtually, or over chat, our solutions help everyone follow through with next steps.

Clinical Notes

Save time on documentation with notes summarized and structured in formats like SOAP.

Structured Data & Insights

Go from conversation to longitudinal care journey, complete with codes for HCCs and E&M.

Patient Care Plans

Help patients stay on top of their health and remember the details of their care.

Powered by real tech

A fully integrated suite of AI-backed products for healthcare conversations.

Our standalone and integrated solutions enable better care delivery experiences for clinicians, patients, hospitals systems, payers, telehealth companies, care management or coordination organizations, and everyone in between.

Abridge helps with everything downstream of a conversation, whether it’s audio capture, transcription, summarization, EHR integration, risk management, and more.

End-to-end integrations

Easy to use APIs that supercharge medical conversations.

Telemedicine integrations

No matter your telemedicine stack, Abridge solutions can help you record and send conversations through our AI.

EHR integrations

Send clinical notes straight to your Electronic Health Records (EHR) platform for a seamless and streamlined workflow.

Best-in-class medical AI

An AI-first approach to medical conversations.

Real technology

Abridge’s technology is the only AI solution that works in real-time to summarize medical conversations — across any specialty.

Continually improving

Our modular pipeline makes it easy to customize the AI to your needs. We release continuous improvements to our algorithms.

Cutting-edge medical NLP

Abridge has more peer-reviewed research than anyone else in the field of medical conversation understanding.

Structured insights

Abridge algorithms extract medical entities along with corresponding attributes and map them to ontologies or codes.

The only conversational AI solution that supports all your needs.

Traditional Voice Solutions

In-person encounters

Telehealth integrations

All specialties

Real-time output

Structured data & analytics

Patient care plan

Safe & compliant

HIPAA-compliant, private, and secure.

Our technology is HIPAA-compliant and uses industry best practices to safeguard patient information.

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