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"I want to care for patients, not paperwork."

HIPAA compliant
Quote "This is the #1 solution in healthcare today when it comes to solving burnout"

Abridge's AI converts a patient-clinician conversation into a structured clinical note draft in real-time, and integrates it seamlessly into the EMR. Better notes, faster, giving you back 2-3 hours a day for what matters most—
more time with your patients.

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The only generative AI solution you can trust and verify.

AI for healthcare should not be a black box. Abridge comes with transparent auditability and deep integration with your EMR. Built by a team of clinicians and AI-native scientists.

EMR integration

A deep integration of Epic scale.

Abridge is now the first Pal in Epic’s Partners and Pals program. Abridge’s generative AI solution is available for deep integration directly within Epic’s clinical workflows. The implementations can take as little as 2 weeks.

Patients over paperwork.


of notes are generated by Abridge's AI across >45 specialties

2-3 hrs

of saved time a day
per clinician on documentation

Vetted and validated.

"I get love letters from clinicians telling me that Abridge has saved their practice, their marriage, their mental health."

Alistair Erskine, MD

Chief Information and Digital Officer

Over 91% of notes across various specialties are drafted solely with Abridge's AI, requiring minimal input from the clinician.

Dr. Erskine

I learned about Abridge two years ago at Mass General Brigham. What intrigued me is its technology's current impact across various specialties.

“What's distinctive about Abridge is that they're actually delivering.”

Gregory Ator, MD

CMIO & Surgeon

"I get love letters from clinicians telling me that Abridge has saved their practice, their marriage, their mental health."

There's a feeling of elation that comes over Dr. Ator when he looks at the AI-generated note.

Increased joy

By restoring some joy to medicine, The University of Kansas Health System is seeing significant improvements in burnout with corresponding financial benefits to the organization.

Dr. Ator

Our clinicians spend most of their time on documentation. Abridge is unique in the marketplace in being able to address this issue.

“Implementing Abridge is going to save the world of medicine.”

Michelle Thompson, DO

Family Medicine Physician, Medical Director of Lifestyle Medicine → UPMC

Dr. Thompson practices mindful medicine, maintaining eye contact the entire visit.

80% time saved

I used to spend 2 hours per night charting. After using Abridge, I spend about 20 minutes at the end of the day on documentation.

Dr. Thompson

Prior to Abridge, I free-typed all of my notes. I attempted using another solution, but was never happy with the outcome or process.

How it works

"I swivel my chair, and the note is there."

Start recording with Abridge in a single click. Speak in your language(s) of choice. View and edit notes on your workstation—no waiting required. Complete and send notes directly into into your EMR.


Enterprise-grade AI you can trust and verify.

We know that privacy and security are table stakes for you. That’s why your data is secure at rest and in transit, from conversation to clinical note. And with the ability to map any word or phrase in your summaries to the actual conversation, Abridge provides complete auditability.


Our enterprise-grade technology is 100% HIPAA-compliant with multiple layers of security and controls.

Encrypted data

All data is encrypted in-transit and at rest with 256-bit encryption to protect confidentiality and privacy.

Secure cloud

All data is stored and processed within secure, US-based data centers to meet security and availability requirements.

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