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Our team is laying the foundations for the development, deployment, and continuous improvement of AI systems that reshape the practice of medicine, unburdening doctors while respecting their judgment.

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Paving the way for the next generation of advanced AI systems for healthcare.

Our scientists have made seminal contributions to the development of AI and its application in healthcare.

Clinical Notes

Abridge scientists developed the first AI system to automatically generate complete clinical notes from medical conversations.


We pushed boundaries in the design & analysis of experiments and the foundations of causal inference, informing every decision that we make.

Robust & Reliable AI

Our systems must work across locations and time periods, adapting to shifts in everything from recording conditions to practice patterns.

Humanizing healthcare
with AI.

Integrated into Clinical Workflows

Continuous innovation up
and down the stack.



Speech recognition tuned to handle medical conversations, coping with cross-talk, background noise, and an evolving landscape of maladies, medications, and practice patterns.


Note generation

Sophisticated summarization pipelines that intelligently combine massive proprietary datasets and novel methodology with judicious use of cutting-edge large language models. Innovative methods for tying every summary span back to substantiating evidence in the underlying conversation.


Analysis and action

After processing the conversations, what have we learned? Our research goes beyond note generation to reveal insights that can guide improvements in the administration of healthcare.

trusted and verified

Developing AI responsibly and transparently.

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Our commitment to building clinical AI systems that providers and healthcare organizations can trust sets us apart.

Provenance tracking for accountability

Our software allows doctors to validate each part of a generated note against the underlying patient conversation transcript and audio recording.

Guardrails for reliability

Our team is innovating techniques for preventing mistakes before they happen, catching them before they hit production, and learning rapidly from feedback whenever we fall short.

Control through intuitive UIs

We've developed workflows that keep doctors in charge through user-centric interfaces. Our tools help clinicians review, fact-check, and revise AI-generated notes before signing off.


Join our mission-driven team that’s advancing healthcare with thoughtful AI.

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See real-world improvement daily

Our systems help clinicians nationwide. Receive continual feedback and observe how your work assists providers and patients.


Learn from experienced colleagues

Our team includes veterans from Meta AI, Microsoft Research, Amazon AI, Carnegie Mellon University, and more. Collaborate with colleagues at the top of their fields.


Grow through mentorship

We nurture professional development and promote from within. Junior researchers gain hands-on experience and mentorship.


Publish pioneering research

Our culture encourages publishing in top journals and conferences. We value scientific contributions.


Make a difference

Improve clinical workflows, increase access to care, reduce burnout, and more. Your work positively impacts patient outcomes.