Aug 9, 2021
Simon King
Product & Design

Making it easier to stay on top of your medications

It’s no surprise that taking medications directly impacts our health outcomes. According to the CDC, 48.6% of people take at least one prescription, and nearly a quarter of people take three or more. But while taking medication is one thing, it turns out that keeping track of it — and remembering to talk to your doctor about it — is another. That’s why today, we’re excited to roll out a brand-new medication list, right inside of Abridge. Now, you can track the medications you’re taking in one spot, making it easier for you to keep your care team in the loop so you and your doctors can make the best decisions for your care.

Since we launched Abridge, we’ve been helping people stay on top of their health by highlighting the key moments from their doctors' visits. It’s become increasingly clear that people also want to use Abridge to keep track of medications, so building a place where people can stay on top of their medications felt like a natural extension to the app.

We’ve also heard that Abridge helps keep people on the same page — from family and friends to doctors — but that keeping people in the loop on medications can be challenging. Beyond the prescribing physician, other members of the care team don’t always have insight into what medications people are taking, and it can be hard to remember to mention it amid everything else to discuss with your doctor. But now, keeping an accurate record of medications is easy to do, all within the Abridge medication list.

The medication list now acts as a centralized spot where you can add medications and dosages, find coupons, and review important details about complex medical terms. Our medication information is sourced from ASHP, a trusted and widely utilized provider. When you add medications to your medication list, you’ll be able to review:

  • Why the medication has been prescribed
  • How the medication should be used
  • What special precautions should be followed
  • Side effects the medication can cause

You can quickly update your medication list by adding medications directly from the "Get more insight" screen when reviewing conversations with your doctor. You can also add medications by navigating to your Profile in the top left corner of your app and then selecting “Medications.” Give it a try, and let us know what you think at

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Simon King

VP of Product

Simon is VP of Product at Abridge. Previously, he was a Design Director at IDEO, where he led human-centered innovation across a diverse range of industries.

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