Abridge Enterprise

Saving clinicians 70+ hours a month on documentation—powered by Abridge, the most trusted clinical conversation platform integrated directly inside Epic.

Trusted, verifiable clinical 
notes in real-time with AI

Empower your clinicians with the most trusted AI-powered clinical conversation platform, purpose-built for healthcare.

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Real time AI note drafts

Generate clinical notes before your visit is over, powered by the most trusted AI technology.

Structured Clinical Notes

Get clinically formatted and structured notes as you speak in real-time (HPI, A&P, PE and more).

Verifiable notes with Linked Evidence

Verify and track the evidence for AI-generated summaries in one click with Linked Evidence.

Abridge inside Epic

From Haiku to Hyperspace, clinicians will be able to harness the power of Abridge from start to finish without ever leaving Epic.

Example of Abridge Inside Epic on desktop and mobile.

Capture patient conversations in Haiku. Trust and verify AI note drafts in Hyperspace using Linked Evidence.

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Abridge inside Epic

From Haiku to Hyperdrive, clinicians will be able to harness the power of Abridge from start to finish without ever leaving Epic.

Abridge Inside Haiku

Capture patient conversations directly in Haiku and automatically send to the patient chart—no app switching.

Abridge Inside Hyperdrive

Review and verify your notes using Linked Evidence in Hyperdrive.

Abridge in the Epic Workshop

Abridge’s participation in Epic’s Workshop program unlocks the collaborative power of co-development.

Joon S Lee, MD
Chief Executive Officer—Emory Healthcare

"We are investing in technology that makes patient care better and also makes the lives of our healthcare workforce better."

Abridge scores 95.3/100 in latest klas spotlight report

KLAS Customer rated emerging technology spotlight badge
Abridge featured with compelling customer feedback on our generative AI technology in KLAS Spotlight Report.

Built for healthcare. built to Scale.

With Abridge Enterprise, healthcare systems get all the tools they need to easily manage security, compliance, and deployments—for all clinicians, in one place.

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Single Sign-On (SSO)
Control user access and make it easy for your clinicians to use Abridge.
Custom Governance Controls
Customization for your compliance and data governance requirements.
Analytics and Reporting
Track and monitor usage of Abridge across your health system in one place.
Our enterprise-grade technology is 100% HIPAA-compliant with multiple layers of security and controls.
Secure Cloud
All data is stored and processed within secure, U.S.-based data centers to meet security and availability requirements.
Encrypted Data
All data is encrypted in-transit and at rest with 256-bit encryption to protect confidentiality and privacy.

“With Abridge I’m able to interact with the patient. I don't have this clerical debt to deal with in the evening. It’s been a win."

Gregory Ator, MD
CMIO and Surgeon
The University of Kansas Health System