August 30, 2022

Abridge Partners With Google Cloud to Power Better Healthcare Delivery Experiences for Everyone

PITTSBURGH--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Abridge, the healthcare conversation company that uses AI to help everyone get more from their medical conversations, today announced a partnership with Google Cloud. Google Cloud now includes Abridge as a premier partner to structure, summarize, and generate insights on medical conversations.

Clinical documentation is a struggle for clinicians and patients alike. Clinicians face an increasing burden of documentation, yet often don’t get access to help because traditional documentation solutions are often too expensive or slow to meet the needs of modern healthcare organizations. On the flip side, patients struggle to remember the key details of their care plan, but most documentation doesn’t meet their needs. Abridge’s new clinical solutions can be scaled across entire health systems and specialties to significantly reduce the time clinicians spend on documentation and streamline next steps for patients with actionable care plans and intelligent reminders.

“As a Google Cloud partner, we will help healthcare organizations provide better care delivery experiences wherever care occurs, whether conversations happen in-person, virtually, or over chat,” said Shiv Rao, co-founder and CEO of Abridge. “Abridge’s all-technology solution easily scales to help clinicians quickly and easily finish their documentation. Our goal is to enable doctors to spend more time on patient care — instead of admin work.”

Through its partnership with Google Cloud, Abridge will tap into Google’s advanced research to enhance the accuracy, efficiency, and completeness of Abridge’s solutions, while also meeting the security expectations of major health systems.

The market is being redefined by technology and cutting edge machine learning. This partnership will ensure that innovation in documentation workflows and continuity of care practices is accessible, scalable, and quickly achievable for enterprise customers looking to provide better care delivery experiences for clinicians and patients alike.

See Abridge in the Google Cloud Partner portal.


Abridge structures and summarizes information from the most important signals in healthcare — spoken conversations. Abridge’s technology is powered by industry-leading R&D, as evidenced by their depth of peer-reviewed publications in medical conversation AI and user experience design. The company’s audio and ambient AI-centered solutions help clinicians practice at the top of their license and patients stay on top of their health. Whether an appointment takes place in-person or via telemedicine, Abridge captures and documents the conversation to meet the needs of providers, patients, and enterprises. Visit and @AbridgeHQ to get the latest information.


Jill O’Brien