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Virtual First Care: Deep Dive into Implementation

LVCC, Lvl 2, Rm 216-218
October 8, 2023
Kim-Fredrik Schneider
Abi Global Health
Kathleen Aller
Ashok Chennuru
Elevance Health
Murray Brozinsky
Dr. Ronald F. Dixon
Care Hive
Sam Holliday
Oshi Health
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At a conference on virtual-first care, various health industry leaders discussed using digital technologies to change the delivery of healthcare services. They emphasized the need to put patients at the center of care, providing more comprehensive and personalized solutions for all, either through in-clinic or virtual consultations. In addition, they highlighted the importance of trust, and the fact that any application of AI in healthcare must include a human element to ensure accountability. They suggested that virtual care has the potential to improve access to healthcare, make it more affordable and equitable, and enhance patient outcomes. However, maintaining that trust and ensuring seamless integration with existing healthcare systems are challenges that need to be addressed. The panelists also touched on data-driven insights, optimizing partnerships with stakeholders, patient privacy, and the role of value-based care. They concluded with an encouragement for more involvement in the impact community to continue building a future in virtual-first care.

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