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The Mind-Bending Journey of Psychedelic Medicine

Show Floor, Earth Stage
October 8, 2023
Marcus Capone
Noah Craft MD PhD
People Science
Lynn Marie Morski, MD, JD
Psychedelic Medicine Association
Sherry Rais
Taylor Majewski
MIT Tech Review, STAT News
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The panel on psychedelics discussed its potential therapeutic uses, particularly in the treatment of PTSD, and the possibility of FDA approval of MDMA-assisted therapy. The panelists included Dr. Lynn Marie Morski, host of the Psychedelic Medicine podcast and co-founder of the Psychedelic Medicine Association, Sherry Rais, CEO and co-founder of Enthea, Noah Craft, co-founder and co-CEO of People Science, and Marcus Capone, a former Navy SEAL, CEO and co-founder of TARA Mind, and the co-founder of VETS.

The panelists highlighted the potential of psychedelic-assisted therapy as a solution for various mental and physical health conditions, and the need for educating both clinicians and the public about its merit. They asserted that the traditional healthcare system may need to evolve to support these unique and powerful medicines. Also discussed was the lack of current regulations or certification for psychedelic therapists leading to potential risk and unethical conduct. The conversation concluded with an emphasis on the transformative potential of psychedelics to address the root cause of problems rather than merely treating symptoms.

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