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April 9, 2024

Patient Visit Summaries—Now Generated in Real-Time

TLDR: For every completed recording, clinicians will now see an AI-generated Patient Visit Summary (PVS) with a plan and instructions—all written at an 8th-grade reading level, and produced in real-time.

Studies have shown that 40-80% of the medical information patients are told during office visits is forgotten immediately, and nearly half of the information retained is incorrect. While many clinicians would love to draft patient-facing instructions, time is in short supply with clinicians already needing 27 hours in a day to do all they need to do.  Our new Patient Visit Summary not only streamlines documentation for clinicians, but also serves as an extension of every doctor's best intention to capture the essence of their conversations with patients while saving time. 

How it works

The new PVS is enabled by Abridge’s deep learning stack. Going from raw audio in potentially noisy environments to meticulous documentation requires many AI technologies to work together seamlessly. Language identification, transcription, alignment, and diarization must happen within seconds. Conversations must be structured according to the sorts of medical information contained in each utterance, and powerful language models must be applied to transform the relevant evidence into summaries. 

Another suite of models powers all of the actions required to verify the accuracy of each line in the note and to support efficient editing. Each of these models must be trained, often leveraging pre-trained foundation models, and deployed into production where performance demands are critical. Until now, our AI was utilized to generate the clinical note for the patient record in the EMR. With Abridge’s PVS, patients can now get a tailored summary of the conversation they had with their clinician, instead of stock instructions (or no instructions).

Here is how you can begin using this new feature

  1. Complete your recording 
  2. At, review your Abridge-generated clinical note and Patient Visit Summary.
  3. Access the summary through the new PVS tab.
  4. Easily copy/paste the summary into your EMR to share with your patients.

Watch this demo to see it in action:

Real-world impact. 

We’ve been live with PVS for a few weeks now, and are already hearing about its incredibly positive impact:

"Once the summary is generated, I give it a quick review and provide it to the patient before they walk out the door. Patient satisfaction has gone up and my staff loves it too. Win-Win-Win. You don't get too many of those in our line of work." Dr. Logan Frederickson, DO, Family Practice Physician at Elkhorn Family Medicine

"I love how seamless and patient- centered the Patient Visit Summary is. This is a helpful addition to my documentation and a benefit for the patient to have a simple summary and instructions to move their care forward." —Dr. Denton Shanks, DO MPH, Family Physician, Associate Professor, and Medical Director at the University of Kansas Health System

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