Jan 7, 2022

Introducing Abridge to your doctor

Many people who use Abridge discover that the app fits seamlessly into their conversations. It can even help them build trust and rapport with their doctors by keeping everyone on the same page. But if your doctor hasn’t yet heard about Abridge, you’ll likely want to introduce them to the app and make sure they’re comfortable with you recording. Of course, when you’re pressed for time, meeting a new doctor, or worried about your health, that might feel like it’s easier said than done, but we’re here to help you broach the topic!

When to ask for permission to record the conversation 

The best time to introduce Abridge (and get permission to record!) is at the beginning of your appointment. We recommend bringing up Abridge before the conversation has really started or you’ve begun to list your symptoms. If your doctor enters the room and immediately begins talking, you may politely interrupt the conversation by saying, “Before we get started, I’d like to share my goals for this appointment.” That way you can make sure you’ve captured all the important comments and instructions to refer back to later.

How to pop the question

Start by giving your doctor a simple explanation of Abridge, and how it helps you. Maybe you use Abridge to keep your family in the loop on your care plan, or because you get nervous during medical appointments. That context will help your doctor envision how Abridge could be useful for both of you. 

For example, you could say, “I’ve been using Abridge to help me stay on top of my health. It is an app that lets me record conversations with my care team. Is it OK if I use it to record our conversation? It will capture the key takeaways for me.” 

Here are some more ideas to help get you started: 

  • “I’m trying out a new app that lets me record our conversation. It helps me better remember next steps and lets me review your advice when I get home. It’s even backed by partnerships with leading hospitals around the country.”
  • “My family couldn’t come with me today, so I’d like to record the visit and then share a recap with them to keep everyone in the loop.”
  • “Coming to the doctor’s office makes me really nervous, so I have trouble focusing on what you’re saying. Is it OK if I record this conversation to review later?”
  • “When I’m not feeling well, like today, it’s hard for me to remember your instructions, so I wanted to ask if I could use this app to record the appointment.” 

Pro tip: It can also be helpful to show them the Abridge app on your phone, so they know what it looks like, and can better understand how you use it to record a conversation.

Still not sure what to say?

No worries! We understand that it can feel awkward or stressful to ask someone if they mind being recorded, so we put together a quick video that walks you through it step-by-step. You can check it out on YouTube here.

While it’s your right to record, some doctors may not feel comfortable with recording. We suggest you ask these doctors for a personalized after-visit summary so that you can follow through on any next steps. And don’t be discouraged! You can use these tips to introduce Abridge to other doctors on your care team who are more comfortable with recording. 

What to do at your next appointment

Because your doctor has many patients — and may only see you infrequently  — they may forget that you’ve already introduced them to Abridge. At future visits, consider reminding them that you'll be using Abridge to capture the details so you can follow through on next steps. 

These tips are just a starting point for how to get the conversation about recording going. Have more recommendations for how to introduce doctors to Abridge? We want to hear them! Send your advice to hello@abridge.com.

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