Sep 24, 2020
Simon King
Product & Design

Introducing a whole new Abridge.

A new home screen, recording flexibility, improved sharing, and more!

Since we launched, we’ve heard feedback from people about how they use Abridge — and how they’d like to. That’s why today, we’re introducing a bunch of improvements that will make it easier to organize and follow up on your care. When you update the app, you’ll find a revamped home screen and a host of new features based on feedback from Abridge users like you. Let’s dive into what you’ll find in the redesigned Abridge:

  1. A new home screen: Our new home base points you wherever you might need to go, making it easier to look back on your conversations, share with those who matter to you, or explore other parts of Abridge. It’s still as easy as ever to record a new conversation — you can do so from the home screen or by hitting the microphone in the menu at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Multi-tasking recorder: Most people download Abridge because they want help remembering, focusing on, and following up on their health conversations. Now, you can do this in real-time: The audio recorder can be minimized during use, so you can reference previous conversations (or other parts of the app) without ending the recording. Cues throughout the app will remind you that you’re still recording. 
  3. Revamped conversation list: We’ve reorganized the library of recordings so you can now locate all your conversations in one simple spot: the Conversations tab. There, you’ll see both the conversations you recorded as well as those that have been shared with you. With one click, you can filter for either, or for the person associated with the recording.
  4. A new People list: Since starting Abridge, we’ve been struck by how much taking control of one’s health can be a shared priority — among family, friends, and more. More and more people who use Abridge might be caring for or sharing with a number of people, and the new People list is built with them in mind.
  5. Easy reminders: This one’s big (and directly based on feedback from people using Abridge!). From the home screen, tap the calendar icon to create an appointment reminder so you know what’s on the horizon. We’ll remind you it’s coming up, and help you remember to use Abridge during the visit.

Update the app today and give it a spin! Be sure to log your next appointment, and as always, please let us know what you think. We love hearing about how you use Abridge and how we can better serve you, so please send any ideas or feedback to

About the Author

Simon King

VP of Product

Simon is VP of Product at Abridge. Previously, he was a Design Director at IDEO, where he led human-centered innovation across a diverse range of industries.