Jul 30, 2020
Simon King
Product & Design

Decode jargon faster with our new medical definitions feature.

We’ve all been there. A doctor’s appointment with tons of jargon and complex instructions that leave our head spinning. If you’re like most of our users, that’s why you downloaded Abridge. But we often hear that gaining a better understanding of medical terms could be even faster. So today, we’ve made a big improvement with our “In this conversation” feature. Now, you’ll be able to see definitions for medical terms in the context of your conversation.

Here’s how it works:

  • If we have a definition for a medical word or phrase, it’s outlined in one of three colors to indicate the category it belongs to: medications, diagnoses, or procedures. 
  • You can open the “In this conversation” drawer at any time to see a full list of definitions, listed in the order they were discussed.
  • These concise explanations come from our trusted content partners, including the Mayo Clinic.
  • That’s it! You’ll be getting even more value from your Abridge appointments faster than you can say “dictionary.”

We also realize that definitions are just the first step in taking action on your care. One additional feature inside the drawer is available for most medications: a link to a GoodRx coupon that could save you money on your prescription. 

So give it a try at your next appointment, or try a quick test recording with some medical terms. Let us know how it worked for you! We’re always open to feedback on how Abridge can better serve you, so please send any ideas or feedback to hello@abridge.com.

About the Author

Simon King

VP of Product

Simon is VP of Product at Abridge. Previously, he was a Design Director at IDEO, where he led human-centered innovation across a diverse range of industries.

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