We are a team of:

Anirudh Mani
Machine Learning

Working at Abridge means building a future where everyone is heard.

Anna von Reden

Working at Abridge means helping people make sense of their lives with stories, even if they're hard to tell.

Ben Schloss
Machine Learning

I joined Abridge to build humanitarian AI for the most vulnerable person in the room: the patient.

Dan Bruce

I joined Abridge to unlock the possibilities when people are empowered with their health data.

Eileen Yan

If I could change one thing about healthcare, software would serve patient care before admin and billing.

Florian Metze, PhD
CSO, Co-Founder

I joined Abridge to make sense of spoken interactions. Abridge is where the data meets the science, to make an impact on people’s lives.

Glyn Elwyn, MD, PhD
Clinical Research Advisor

I'm building a bridge between patients and clinicians, using the enormous potential of recordings to help people make better decisions.

Julia Chapin

I joined Abridge to help my family and others understand and share their care with their loved ones.

MinSun Park

Working at Abridge means I can have ownershipof my own health stories.

Nimshi Venkat Meripo
Machine Learning

I joined Abridge to narrate health stories better with machine learning.

Sai Prabhakar
Machine Learning

I joined Abridge to make people's lives easier by realizing advances in AI.

Sandeep Konam
CTO, Co-Founder

As an Abridger, I work towards shifting the power balance to patients by helping them create the ground truth for their care.

Shiv Rao, MD
CEO, Co-Founder

Working at Abridge gives me the opportunity to advocate for patients the way I do at my weekly clinic, but at scale.

Simon King

I joined Abridge to help people gain confidence about their health.

Zack Lipton, PhD
Machine Learning Advisor

If I could, the one thing I'd change about healthcare is the extent to which it leverages patient data  to drive personalized decision-making.

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