Privacy at Abridge

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Abridge is a company founded by patients, doctors, researchers, and technologists. We believe that patients should have the power to control their health information through technology. Patients should also be an equal partner in relationships with their care providers.

We leverage groundbreaking technologies to help people remember the important details from their health conversations, so they can better follow their care plan. With more context and understanding of medical conversations, we hope to help everyone achieve better health outcomes.

How Abridge protects your privacy

These five Privacy Principles guide all decisions we make as we build and improve Abridge:

  1. You own and control when your data is collected and how it is shared. Whether in the Abridge App or the Telehealth Services, we only collect and share personal health data with your consent. We use privacy by design principles to limit the data we collect and to give you notice in the App when you have choices to share data.
  2. You can change your mind. You can delete recordings or your account at any time.
  3. We never sell personal data. We want to be clear on this point. We don’t have a business model that includes making money from selling your identifiable data.
  4. Anonymized Data is better. Any research and development is performed on de-identified health data or external data sets that are acquired with patient consent. If we have an opportunity to include your personal data in our research, we will request your consent before we do so.
  5. Data Security is not a trade-off. You trust us to keep your data secure and that guides everything we build. Because of that, we apply HIPAA security standards to all health data we collect — even if HIPAA does not apply to our services.

Abridge was created to help patients remember the important details from their health conversations, so they can better follow their care plan. Abridge provides services through the Abridge App (“Abridge App” or “App”), Abridge Telehealth Service (“Abridge Telehealth”), and the Abridge Healthcare Portal (collectively, “the Abridge Services,” “Abridge” or “the Services”). Our goal with this Privacy Policy is to inform you about how Abridge works by explaining the data you provide, data we collect, how we use it to provide the Services and when it is shared.

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