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YouTube Health Masterclass: How to get started + Learn from YouTube’s experts

Show Floor, The Newsroom Stage
October 9, 2023
Ariel Altman
YouTube Health
Mikhail “Doctor Mike” Varshavski, DO
Austin Lee Chiang, MD MPH
Medtronic GI
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This is a summary of a masterclass on YouTube Health, hosted by Arielle from the Health Partnerships team at YouTube, and featuring Dr. Austin Chang and Dr. Mike as guest speakers. Arielle presented about YouTube Health, explaining that it is not a separate entity but the experience that users encounter when searching for health information on YouTube. She stressed that YouTube Health aims to make high-quality health information accessible to everyone and works closely with experts in the health space to ensure credibility of information.

Dr. Chang and Dr. Mike shared their experiences as content creators on YouTube Health. They discussed the importance of creating engaging, relatable content, and stressed the importance of not letting perfection deter you from starting and improving along the way. They also recommended considering diversity in healthcare in creating content and the importance of recognizing personal strengths and weaknesses in order to build a suitable team for content creation.

They recommended cross-platform posting of content for reaching different audience demographics, and mentioned that despite the increasing popularity of shorter videos, long-form content that is detailed and informative can still perform well, especially on larger screens such as TVs. The masterclass ended with a Q&A session where the speakers addressed concerns about topic selection, building a team for content creation, and content length considerations.

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