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Who Runs The World… of Health

Show Floor, Moon Stage
October 9, 2023
Joanna Strober
Midi Health
Kiki Freedman
Hey Jane
Priyanka Jain
Cathy Friedman
GV (Google Ventures)
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Kathy Friedman from GV, formerly Google Ventures, moderated a discussion with three female founders of women's health startups: Joanna Strober of Midy Health, Priyanka Jain of Evie, and Kiki of Hey Jane. The panel discussed the need for more investment in women's health, with data showing only 1% of health research funding is spent on non-cancer related women's health despite women making up more than half of the population. The founders highlighted the need for accurate information, increased access to care and insurance, and more research to expand the understanding of diseases that affect women disproportionately, such as autoimmune diseases and menopause-related conditions. The panel also urged for more discussions around women's health issues, emphasizing the lasting economic impact of these issues as many women avoid seeking treatment due to a lack of reliable information or resources.

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