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Value-Based Care in a Multi-Payer World

Show Floor, Sun Stage
October 9, 2023
Nancy Brown
Alisha Alaimo
Jaewon Ryu, MD, JD
Javier Rodriguez
Kate Ryder
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This panel at a healthcare event, moderated by Nancy Brown, included representatives from multiple companies discussing the idea of value-based healthcare. The panel was composed of Javier Rodriguez from De Vida Kidney Care, Alicia Alaimo from Biogen, Kate Ryder from Maven, and Jaewon Ryu from Geisinger. The panel discussed the shift towards accountable and value-based care in healthcare. Rodriguez shared about De Vida Kidney Care’s journey towards becoming heavily engaged in value based care, while Alaimo discussed how Biogen navigates the system and aims for better patient outcomes. Ryder spoke about Maven’s role in providing innovative solutions to women's health and how they navigate the complexity involved in value-based contracting. Ryu, representing the pay–vidor (payor-provider) model used by Geisinger, discussed their innovative way of addressing patients’ needs. All agreed that in order to create real value-based care, more collaboration, active role of the physicians, and a bigger-picture view of patient's health needed to improve the system.

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