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Transformative Health Leaders Insights Program: Health Leadership Redefined *Invitation Only

LVCC, Lvl 2, Rm 216-218
October 9, 2023
Dr. Sarah Lopez, MD, MBA
Zocalo Health
Dr. Kaveh Safavi
Dr. John Wigneswaran (Dr. Wig)
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The panel discussion involved the CEO of the National Association Community Health Centers and other physician leaders such as the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Walmart, global healthcare practice leader from Accenture, and the Chief Medical Officer of Zocalo Health. They discussed the role of physicians holding leadership roles in an organizational or business context.

Dr. Wig, CMO of Walmart, emphasized the importance of operational skills, team management, and strategic execution rather than relying solely on clinical expertise. The Accenture Healthcare Practice leader brought out the importance of understanding technology and managing scarce clinical resources.

Dr. Sarah Lopez of Zocalo Health stressed on the role of representation in leadership and the importance of incorporating diverse perspectives for better solutions. The CEO of the National Association Community Health Centers highlighted the need for physician leaders to advance healthcare on four fronts: consumer health, employer health, environmental health, and community health.

The panelists also addressed the challenges faced by physician leaders, particularly the shift from clinical authority to being part of a business team. They also highlighted the future of physician leadership, emphasizing the need for operational skills, understanding of technology, patient advocacy, and diversity in representation.

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