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To Screen or Not to Screen

Show Floor, Sky Stage
October 10, 2023
Vivien Ho
Pear VC
Andrew Lacy
Everett Cunningham
Exact Sciences
Megan Hall, Ph.D.
Peter B. Bach, M.D.
DELFI Diagnostics
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This discussion involved a panel of leaders from various healthcare firms such as Grail, Prova Healthcare, Delphi Diagnostics, and Exact Sciences who are pioneering the fields of prevention and detection in oncology. Topics covered include disparities in cancer detection, ease of tests, effective partnerships with health systems and payers, the need for rigorous evidence for tests and regulations and speed of innovation. They agree that the system needs to better accommodate transformative, rather than just incremental, change, and that tests need to be affordable and accessible for all patients. Moreover, they highlighted the critical importance of evidence and the role of regulatory bodies in ensuring the efficacy of new cancer screening tests. The discussion also touched on how digital health can empower patients to ask for cutting-edge care.

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