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There's No "AI" in Team

Show Floor, Moon Stage
October 10, 2023
Jessica Beegle
Lifepoint Health
Munjal Shah
Hippocratic AI
Shan Jegatheeswaran
Johnson & Johnson MedTech
Wardah Inam
Holly Maloney
General Catalyst
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This summary discusses a panel discussion on the integration of AI in healthcare. Each participant provides their unique insights and perspectives on the topic. Jess Lee, the Chief Innovation Officer of Life Point, emphasizes the need for common definitions in AI, and highlights the importance of understanding what AI can and cannot solve. Panelists, Munjal Shah, Warda Zahid Khan, and Meenal Pant, note that AI should not replace human workforce but rather augment it. They also highlight the importance of trust and data quality in establishing effective AI systems.

Shan Dhanda from Johnson & Johnson mentions the role AI can play in surgical procedures. He gives an example of how an AI model has improved the planning process for cardio procedures by reducing the time involved.

The panel also touches on the issue of staffing in healthcare and the potential role of AI. Both Warda Zahid Khan, the CEO of Overjet, and Munjal Shah from Hippocratic AI mention how AI can be used to automate administrative processes, thereby relieving the workload for healthcare staff.

Jessie Zheng from Life Point highlights the role of AI in tackling staff shortages in the health sector. She also emphasizes the importance of educating stakeholders on what AI is and why it is being used.

The panel concluded by sharing their “moonshot” ideas for the integration of AI in healthcare, ranging from real-time claim administration to AI in surgery and the idea of “Super Staffing.”

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