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The Future of Health: A Bold, Leap Forward

Show Floor, Main Stage
October 8, 2023
Hemant Taneja
General Catalyst
Marc Harrison, M.D.
General Catalyst
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The former CEO of Intermountain, Mark Harrison, joined in a conversation with the CEO and managing director of General Catalyst to discuss the new business they are working on. The new business, called the Health Insurance Transformation Company or HAT, is owned by General Catalyst, with Mark Harrison as the CEO. HAT aims to help health systems to become more profitable, believing that this will encourage them to lean into their respective missions and visions of health insurance. The leaders of HAT also highlighted the importance of value-based care and strong collaboration between technology companies and health systems in transforming the healthcare industry. The conversation closed on the note that health care can be improved, making it more equal, affordable and accessible for all.

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