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The Diabetes Money Pit

Show Floor, Moon Stage
October 8, 2023
Gary Rothenberg, DPM, CDCES, CWS
Jared Watkin
Olaoluwa "Laolu" Fayanju, MD
Sanjula Jain, Ph.D
Trilliant Health
Chitra Nawbatt
Investor and Growth Advisor
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The panel discussion, consisting of experts from various healthcare fields, centered on the issues of diabetes management, specifically pertaining to access to care, cost issues and the future developments in treatment. The panel agreed that healthcare stakeholders should collaborate to improve the efficiency of care. They also discussed the importance of prevention and self-management for individuals with chronic diseases like diabetes. The conversation touched upon the use of glp-1 agonists, with the experts acknowledging that while they are effective, they are not the only solution and carry some side effects. The topic of continuous glucose monitoring was also raised, with suggestions that it could be the future of diabetes care. The necessity of making healthcare innovations accessible and affordable was highlighted throughout the discussion.

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