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The AI Hype Cycle Coaster

Show Floor, Earth Stage
October 8, 2023
Brigham Hyde, PhD
Atropos Health
Ellie Wheeler
Lu Zhang
Fusion Fund
Neal Khosla
Curai Health
Prateesh Maheshwari
Maverick Ventures
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The discussion focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of AI implementation in healthcare and how it's influenced by various stakeholders including patients, providers, and startups. Topics including the differentiation of AI, the definition of high-quality data, and the importance of user experience are debated. The idea of human-in-the-loop AI system is also emphasized, which includes a human overseer to improve accuracy and efficiency. Brigham Hyde pointed out that training AI on perfect data doesn't ensure the successful application in real-world scenarios. Neal urged the need for evidence and research papers to show the effectiveness of AI.

Overall, the panelists agree that while AI has promising implications in healthcare, there are several considerations to be made. This includes thoughtfully implementing AI into existing workflows, the training and education of medical professionals to deal with AI tools, as well as careful evaluation of which AI solution fits best for the healthcare provider considering distributional advantages and the possible caveats of committing to a single tech company. Panelists also noted that healthcare education and clinical skills will have to adapt to incorporate AI.

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