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Systemic Health Innovation Showcase

LVCC, Lvl 2, Rm 228-230
October 8, 2023
Mariya Filipova
CareQuest Innovation Partners
Maria Ryan, DDS, PhD
David Kochman, JD
Henry Schein
Stephen E. Thorne, IV, BA, MAH
Pacific Dental Services
Kamila Chytil
Mariya Filipova
CareQuest Innovation Partners
Chris Seib
SC Master Fund
Denise Marks
CareQuest Innovation Partners
Eric Frost
Tunde Akinniranye
Myechia Minter-Jordan, MD, MBA
CareQuest Institute for Oral Health
Steven Collens
Katie D'Amico
CareQuest Innovation Partners
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The discussion during the eHealth Innovation Showcase revolved around the challenge of transforming what they refer to as oral systemic health. This term refers to the significant connection between oral health and overall health. The participants spoke about the opportunity and challenges in this area, emphasizing the key role of integrating oral health into broader healthcare management. In the process, the role of digital innovation was highlighted as essential in improving healthcare access and outcomes. Speakers identified specific challenges such as late disease detection, high costs, and limited access to care, particularly in underserved populations. Case studies were presented from established companies and start-ups offering innovative solutions and business models to address these issues. The panelists agreed on the need for ongoing collaboration, investment, accessible and equitable solutions, and the creation of a patient-centered approach towards systemic health. They also emphasized the necessity of simplicity, affordability, and convenience in the solutions provided.

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