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Startup Health Showcase: Pt 2

Show Floor, Startup Stage
October 10, 2023
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This summary covers a panel discussion at a startup health conference about building patient-centric tech companies. Panelists included Jamie Edwards, chief platform officer at startup health, Ethan Sherwani, co-founder and CEO of Palico, a digital clinic for substance use management, Jeff Klick, CEO and founder of Salvo health which helps those managing chronic gut health issues, Shruti Kothari, co-founder of Televeda, a platform that helps alleviate social isolation and loneliness among the elderly and underserved populations, Fox Holt, CEO of Next Life Sciences, a company developing male birth control, and Raj Amin, CEO and co-founder of Arcade Therapeutics, a company developing prescription games for treating mental health conditions.

The panelists discuss how being patient centric is about making healthcare simple, meeting patients where they are, and lowering the barriers to access treatment. They also talked about how economic incentives could change how patients engage with their healthcare and how providers could improve patient adherence to healthcare regimens.

However, the panelists agreed that the healthcare industry is resistant to change and that radical solutions, such as increased price transparency and a shift towards value-based care, are needed. They advocated for a patient-centric approach to healthcare, focusing on the value of patient engagement and quality of life metrics. They argued that businesses, rather than government or established healthcare companies, are best positioned to address these challenges, and that it's essential for companies to retain this focus as they scale.

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