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Startup Health Showcase: Pt 1

Show Floor, Startup Stage
October 9, 2023
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The discussion involved entrepreneurs and innovators who are using artificial intelligence (AI) and big data to take on healthcare's biggest challenges. These include improving healthcare accessibility, preventing disease, improving patient outcomes, and advancing health equity. Unity Stokes, co-founder and president of StartUp Health, led the discussion, which ranged from how companies are integrating AI into their solutions, the pace of innovation, the future of AI in healthcare, and the importance of patient data ownership.

One of the panelists was David Panzirer of the Helmsley Trust, a major funder of type 1 diabetes research. He stressed the importance of funding companies that aim to make incremental improvements in care, such as the development of continuous glucose monitors.

The entrepreneurs discussed their individual companies' approaches and successes in addressing health challenges, including:
- Food as a preventive measure for illnesses, presented by Amy Cohn, CEO and Founder of Joybites;
- Overcoming difficulties in diabetes management using an app that simplifies the process for children, discussed by Dr. Farhana Bin Lootah, Co-founder and CEO of EDDI;
- Targeting hypoglycemia with an accessible, affordable product that can impact 100 million people, shared by Diane Alexander, CEO and Co-founder of Primordial;

The panel emphasized the role of AI and big data in the advancement of healthcare, highlighting the importance of promoting accuracy, building trust, and ensuring patients' understanding and ownership of their data. They also stressed the necessity of generating positive patient experiences and outcomes by humanizing and democratizing data. However, they acknowledged the challenges including data privacy, integration difficulties, and the need for regulatory changes.

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