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Sometimes it is Your First Rodeo

Show Floor, Moon Stage
October 9, 2023
Julia Cheek
Everly Health
Margo Georgiadis
Montai Health
Sean Duffy
Omada Health
Stephen Gillett
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The discussion centered around the challenges of being a fast mover in the digital health space. Panelists highlighted that digital health is a vast and varied field, which can mean different proceedings for companies that are first movers in this space. With digital therapeutics as an example, the panel delved on the issue about their viability, mentioning that a digital therapeutic must not involve a services layer, and it must overcome the barrier of insufficient coverage. They also shared that healthcare startups should not lose sight of potential transformative trends and developments in the sector. The panelists also reflected on the need for constant innovation and not fearing potential failure or market competition. They highlighted the importance of strategizing based on the long-term goals of the business while maximizing present opportunities and resources. Concerning AI, they argued that it is significant to integrate AI honestly and essentially into the business model rather than just jumping on the hype bandwagon.

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