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Put Your Money Where the Impact Is

Show Floor, Moon Stage
October 9, 2023
JD Friedland
Cleveland Clinic
Joy Ippolito, Ph.D.
American Family Insurance Institute for Corporate and Social Impact
Julien L. Pham, MD, MPH
3CC | Third Culture Capital
Meera Mani, MD, PhD
Town Hall Ventures
Irem Rami
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The content is a panel discussion about impact investing in the healthcare sector, moderated by Aram Rami from Norwest Venture Partners. It includes inputs from Maryam Imani from Town Hall Ventures, Julian Feneley from Third Culture Capital, Joy Taylor from the American Family Insurance Institute, and JD Friedland from Cleveland Clinic. The panelists discuss how their organizations guide and fund businesses seeking to generate attractive financial returns and offer better healthcare accessibility and outcomes. They discuss the importance of measuring the impact of investments and ensure their portfolio companies are addressing significant health issues. They emphasize the importance of supporting the mental health of founders and holding them accountable to their diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. The panelists identify primary care access, mental health care, and holistic family support as areas requiring more investment.

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