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Primary Care Goes Mainstream

Show Floor, Sun Stage
October 10, 2023
Nimesh Jhaveri, R.Ph.
Alex Hurd
Walmart Canada
Irina Pelphrey
Jeanne Zucker
Alto Pharmacy
Zak Holdsworth
Hint Health
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The discussion revolved around the changing landscape of primary care in the U.S. and Canada. Significant points referenced a shortage of primary care providers, emerging digital platforms in healthcare, and shifting patient expectations for accessible, affordable, and personalized care. Walmart Health discussed the role of pharmacist as health care providers in providing comprehensive customer access, choice, and affordability in healthcare. Albertsons Companies emphasized integrating food and nutrition into care plans alongside medication management. Alto Pharmacy talked about streamlining the prescription process to improve the patient-clinician relationship. Direct Primary Care (DPC) discussed a new model that charges fixed monthly fees for unlimited primary care access, reducing administrative overhead and enhancing patient care. The panel concluded by expressing excitement about the future of healthcare, particularly the transformation of primary care and the potential for technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance patient care.

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