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Pharma & Life Sciences Insights Program: Technological Triumphs

LVCC, Lvl 3, Rm 325-327
October 8, 2023
Mike Montello
Mary Rozenman, PhD
Alex Snyder, MD
Generate Biomedicines
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The speakers discussed the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies in their organizations, specifically in the pharmaceutical sector. They talked about how these technologies are being used in everything from identifying targets for treatment to running clinical trials and regulatory submissions. The panelists highlighted the importance of the data used by AI and the need for high-quality data. Also, they discussed the need for partnerships and collaboration in this field. They highlighted some challenges in adopting these technologies, including the need for a skilled workforce, regulatory barriers, and the importance of clear and transparent communication about the potential of these technologies. The speakers emphasized that while there is great potential, it is crucial to manage expectations and avoid overstating what these technologies can do.

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