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Pharma & Life Sciences Insights Program: Real World Opportunities

LVCC, Lvl 3, Rm 325-327
October 8, 2023
Sarah Ernst
Dorothy Gemmel
Hannes Toivanen
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The discussion at the panel revolved around real-world opportunities and how they are being utilized to improve patient care through digital technology. The panelists presented examples of how their organizations are harnessing real-world data to produce success stories, such as employing AI to predict chronic disease flare-ups and improving disease diagnosis. They also discussed how these technologies are reshaping the patient journey, emphasizing the importance of understanding patient personas. The panelists identified challenges such as navigating complex real-world data, striking a balance between solving an unmet need and over-enthusiasm for innovation, and protecting patient privacy while personalizing experiences. They also addressed the development of digital biomarkers and their potential, while also highlighting the need for patient safety and regulatory measures. Finally, the discussion touched on the use of real-world evidence in drug discovery and clinical trials, with the panelists expressing the view that while it plays a crucial role in post-marketing evaluations, it is not yet impactful in early-stage discovery or clinical trials.

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