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Pharma & Life Sciences Insights Program: Digital Deliberations

LVCC, Lvl 3, Rm 325-327
October 8, 2023
Ashwin Athri
Precision Medicine Group
Okan Ekinci, MD, MBA
Roche Information Solutions
Silvia Lopez Lastra, PhD
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This is a discussion about building and scaling digital health strategies led by a panel of experts who represented different organizations such as Roche Information Solutions, OWKIN, and Precision. Key points in the discussion include the current state of each expert's organization's digital health strategies, uses of artificial intelligence in healthcare, working with data quality, privacy-preserving strategies, and managing partnerships. Roche is focusing on personalized healthcare through the use of technology and data from medication and diagnostics to support clinicians and patients. OWKIN deploys federated learning approaches and utilises patient data to develop AI models for better treatment identification, clinical trials, and diagnostic development. Precision looks at empowering patients through improvements in knowledge management and customer service. Challenges include issues with data quality and the complexity of managing privacy in healthcare data. The panel concluded with a discussion on the importance of partnerships in accelerating access to innovation in digital health strategies.

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