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Personal Perspectives: Taking Patient Experience to New Heights

Show Floor, Main Stage
October 8, 2023
Nick Jonas
Beyond Type 1
Teri Lawver
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Nick Jonas, a superstar with type 1 diabetes and co-founder of Beyond Type 1, and Terry Greg, Executive Vice President at Dexcom, engaged in a discussion about diabetes at a health event. They discussed their personal experiences with diabetes, the impact of the disease on the community, and the future of diabetes management. During the chat, they addressed the high prevalence of diabetes globally, which is expected to affect 783 million people by 2045. They also spoke about Diabetes Warriors, a program initiated by Dexcom in 2015 which has grown to over 23,000 members globally who share their experiences of living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Nick emphasized the importance of mental health in managing the disease. The discussion also touched on the need for better access to Dexcom's diabetes management technology and plans to reduce its cost.

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