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Payer Insights Program: Opportunities in an Evolving Care Landscape

LVCC, Lvl 2, Rm 216-218
October 10, 2023
Thomasina Anane
Alliance of Community Health Plans
Byron Crowe, MD
Solera Health
Fred Turner
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The panel discussion at Health's inaugural event focused on the theme of "opportunities in the evolving care landscape". The panelists included Thomasina Nani from the Alliance of Community Health Plans, Byron Crow from Solera Health, and Fred Turner from Curative. The panelists discussed the importance of integrated healthcare models, where physical, mental, and digital care are coordinated. However, this integration presents challenges in maintaining seamless communication and data exchange between all the different providers a patient visits.

The panel also discussed affordability in healthcare, highlighting the need to make preventative care accessible to all patients, and the importance of patient-centered design in healthcare innovation.

Additionally, they delved into the crucial role of data in evolving care models, with transparency and real-time updates being key elements in maintaining accurate and effective data systems.

In terms of the future of healthcare, the panelists anticipate a stronger relationship between virtual and in-person healthcare and a return to first-dollar coverage and affordability. They also suggest that there will be a continued focus on integrated care models and increased utilization of data analytics in healthcare. They also expect to see new approaches to addressing fragmented care and an increased focus on quality.

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