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Nourishing our Nation

Show Floor, Earth Stage
October 8, 2023
Ashley Tyrner
Colleen Lindholz
Kroger Health
Pamela Schwartz, MPH
Kaiser Permanente
Sarah Mastrorocco
Mary A. Pittman, DrPH
Public Health Institute
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The panel discussion involved speakers from various health-focused organizations, discussing the importance of access to nutritious food for overall health. The conversation explored how food was often part of memorable experiences, however, not everyone has the privilege of access to healthy food, leading to poor nutrition outcomes. The panelists highlighted the issue of food insecurity, its impact on health outcomes, and its associated economic costs. They noted that chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases are often linked to poor nutrition. The conversation also introduced various programs and interventions aimed at addressing food insecurity and promoting nutrition. The panelists emphasized the importance of partnerships across the food, health, and healthcare ecosystems. They also touched on barriers such as financial access, understanding of nutrition, and integration of healthy food into healthcare, and indicated the need for policy changes to address these issues and change the trajectory of health in America. They emphasized the importance of ongoing innovation, collaborations, and building evidence of effective interventions for a more nourished nation.

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