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Notes to my Former Self

Show Floor, Moon Stage
October 10, 2023
Shanel Fields
MD Ally - 911 Member Navigation
Nikita Singareddy
Fortuna Health
Jonathan Bush
Zus Health
Dr. Jennifer Schneider
Homeward Health
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Jonathan Bush, a serial entrepreneur, is interviewed by Chanel Fields, founder and CEO of MD Allies. Bush, who previously founded athenahealth, is now heading up Zeus, a data-oriented company designed to integrate with healthcare providers to offer an up-to-date, comprehensive patient profile. The goal is to increase efficiency in patient care and reduce unnecessary costs. Despite the challenges of launching a new venture later in life, Bush's past experiences and network have informed his approach towards Zeus. The future, he hopes, may involve collaboration or a merger with athenahealth. Despite risks and potential pitfalls, he encourages entrepreneurs to pursue their visions, as the process leads to personal growth and a better understanding of their industries, even if the venture is not ultimately successful.

During an on-stage interview, Jenny Schneider, the CEO of Homeward Health, shared her professional journey and insights with Nikita Singareddy, the CEO of Fortuna. Schneider discussed the importance of mentorship, maintaining a mission-driven culture, and partnership building for success in the healthcare business. She also talked about the importance of staying focused on the founding mission of the company and the need to ensure that business matches consumer needs. Schneider pointed out that healthcare is filled with shiny objects that can distract from the overall mission but it's crucial to have trusted advisors and colleagues around you. She also highlighted the need for more females in leadership roles in healthcare companies, revealing um Homeward’s new internal program to sponsor women in the organization as well as female founders in the healthcare sector.

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