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Navigating the Sea of Sameness

Show Floor, Ocean Stage
October 9, 2023
Dr. Henry Ting
Delta Air Lines
Eve Cunningham MD MBA
Heather Dlugolenski
Cigna Healthcare
Rich Safeer, MD
Johns Hopkins Medicine
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The topic of discussion was how health care providers can better adopt and utilize digital health tools. The panelists agree that these tools should be focused on solving specific problems faced by the health care providers while delivering better patient outcomes, be they hospitals or insurers. Additionally, they should be designed with their end-user in mind and strive to foster better connections within the healthcare workforce. Providers prefer working with all-in-one platforms rather than fragmented point solutions. They suggest that digital health companies deliver a concise value proposition and backing up claims with solid data. The panelists also prefer value-based contracting and emphasize the importance of their teams in vetting potential solutions.

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