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Lonely No More: The Case for Inclusive Belonging at Work

Wynn, Latour Ballroom
October 11, 2023
Natasha Bowman
Mental Health Advocate
Bilal Khan
Steven Levine
Health Action Alliance and the Civic Alliance
Mark SooHoo
Health Action Alliance (moderator)
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The discussion revolved around the increasing epidemic of loneliness in workplaces, its impact on businesses and individuals, and ways to address it. The panelists, Mark Sue, Natasha Bowman, Stephen Levine, and one more suggested a shift towards looking at employees as whole individuals rather than just their skill sets. They proposed increasing inclusivity, fostering authentic connections, combatting stigma around mental health, and integrating diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging efforts (D E I B) into business strategies. They also emphasized the role of leadership in managing burnout and retaining top talent, as well as the importance of building a sense of community in hybrid or remote work environments. They urged employers to be genuinely curious about their employees and to value their life experiences, not just their professional skills.

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