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Living to 100: Evolving Healthcare Models to Ensure the Next Generation’s Longevity

Show Floor, Main Stage
October 10, 2023
Chelsea Clinton, DPHil, MPH
Metrodora Ventures
Ellen DaSilva
Summer Health
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This conversation between Chelsea Clinton and Ellen DeSilva, CEO of Summer Health, dealt with maternal and pediatric care and its impact on long-term health. They emphasized that to assure healthy lives until 100 or beyond, investment in pediatric and maternal care was necessary. They argued that as we think about our children, we should not just focus on their return on investment (ROI) but rather their potential for longevity and well-being. They also highlighted the dire state of pediatric healthcare, both in emergency rooms and due to a shortage of pediatricians. They also spoke about the issues in maternal health, particularly the higher rate of mortality among black women giving birth. They also discussed the challenges in school health infrastructure, with schools lacking school nurses, social workers, and counselors among other personnel. They concluded by calling for more investment in pediatric healthcare infrastructure, with an emphasis on empowering children in their health journeys and protecting a woman's right to make choices for her family's health.

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