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LinkedIn's Voices of Impact: Shaping Healthcare's Future Through Influence and Resilience

LVCC, Lvl 2, Rm 228-230
October 9, 2023
Haley Deming
Sachin H. Jain, MD, MBA
SCAN Group & Health Plan
Ruth Krystopolski
Ayin Health Solutions at Providence Health
Austin Lee Chiang, MD MPH
Medtronic GI
Casey Green, BSN, RN
LifeBridge Health
Beth Kutscher
LinkedIn News
Rina Shah
Pharmacy of the Future and Transformation at Walgreens
Angela Chaudhari
Northwestern Medicine
Trish Celano
Adventh Health
Dr. Heather Farley
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The discussion "Amplifying the Power of Healthcare Advocacy in a Post-Pandemic World" at the HLTH conference focused on the power and influence of healthcare professionals on social media, the impact of their advocacy and how it drives change in the healthcare industry. Examples include a medical student's videos which mobilized followers to push for better healthcare practices. The conference also discussed the importance of creating community on LinkedIn to network, share knowledge, and advocate for change. Moreover, there was an emphasis on the need to actively address mental health and burnout in the healthcare profession by creating supportive environments, starting proactive mental health initiatives early in medical training, and eliminating stigma around seeking help.

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