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Let’s Make a Deal… with Pharma

Show Floor, Sky Stage
October 9, 2023
Elena Viboch
General Catalyst
Abby Staible
James Allen
Lisa Banks, PhD, MBA
Stacy A. Feld
Johnson & Johnson
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Several representatives from pharmaceutical companies convened to discuss the uses of technology in pharmaceuticals and how to partner with tech companies. Abby Bystable, from AstraZeneca, mentioned the importance of digital health and adapting to changing consumer needs, as healthcare is increasingly transitioning to a more hybrid, digital model. James Allen from Pfizer discussed the challenges of simplifying patient care journeys and expanding access for underprivileged communities, as well as learning from their partnership strategies. Stacy Feld from Johnson & Johnson explored the role of digital technology in their pharmaceutical and Medtech businesses, and highlighted the importance of building champion relationships within pharmaceutical firms. Lisa Taylor from GSK focused on identifying and engaging with strategic technology partners that align with GSK's strategic priorities and can provide scalable solutions. They all highlighted the importance of patient access, the shift towards personalized medicine, and the need for partners who can offer scalable, trustable and practical solutions. They also signaled a future where a majority of clinical trial data will come from sensors and wearables.

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