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It’s not Racquet Science: Serving Access to High-Quality Care

Show Floor, Ocean Stage
October 10, 2023
Andy Roddick
Glen Tullman
Lisa Woods
Walmart Inc.
Owen Tripp
Included Health
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The discussion was between Glenn Tullman, CEO of Transparent and Andy Roddick, former Grand Slam tennis champion and co-founder of ViewThigh. They talk about their individual journeys, from successful execution in their respective fields to becoming entrepreneurs and investors. The conversation covers the digitalization of healthcare and details how they aim to provide world-class care to everyone regardless of their societal status. Andy Roddick shares his experience as a professional athlete and how transitioning to a healthcare-focused entrepreneur was unpredictable but fun. Glenn Tullman explains how Transparent combines top healthcare services into one app which can give access to care in 60 seconds, offers the best pharmaceutical pricing, delivers care at home, etc., making it easy for both patients and their healthcare providers. Both share the sentiment that carefully applied technology can ensure the same level of healthcare to everyone, and that involving experienced people in their companies made a significant difference. The pair underscored the importance of movement and physical exertion to personal well-being.

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