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Integrating Wellbeing, Safety, and SDOH to drive Productivity

Show Floor, Ocean Stage
October 10, 2023
Caroline Susie RDN,LD
Bill Dinger
Patrick McKeown
Horizon Group Holdings, LLC
Stacey Magness
AvalonBay Communities
Tom Butler
Big Y Foods, Inc.
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The panel discussed productivity and the significant role well-being plays in it. Some key points touched upon were implementing programs to support behavioral health and burnout, addressing mental health stigmas especially among technicians, and enabling accessibility to mental health resources. The panelists also emphasized the importance of constant communication with employees to ensure they understand and utilize benefits offered. Furthermore, they considered safety as a top priority, alongside well-being, for a diverse workforce. The conversation underscored the need for personalized, continuous, and transformative approaches that create a major impact on company culture and productivity. It also touched on the use of data-driven decisions to understand the needs of employees, to drive engagement, and to evaluate productivity.

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