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HLTH x Health Sports Tech

LVCC, Lvl 2, Rm 228-230
October 8, 2023
Dennis McLoughlin
Pacira Biosciences
Dr. Michael Suk
Dr. Brian Mayersohn
Maywell Health & AAPM
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The discussion was primarily related to healthcare innovation and pain management, focusing on the opioid crisis and alternative pain management methods. The conversation included the input of various industry experts, including Mark Stevens, the managing director of Enable Health, Dr. Jerry Stanley of Harvard Medtech, and Heather Farmer, the VP of Sales and Business Development at Docitivity.

Enable Health is a healthcare innovation consulting firm that works to commercialize early-stage companies and assist health systems in innovating. The firm also hosts conferences and creates networking opportunities for businesses in the healthcare field. Farmer's company, Docitivity, helps healthcare providers make data-based decisions to improve patient care.

Another company discussed was BioTrace, a company using technology to create objective measures for pain. This could revolutionize pain management, making it more effective and personalized.

Lastly, the speakers discussed the No Pain Act, legislation aimed at increasing access to non-opioid pain management therapies. This legislation aims to make such therapies more affordable and accessible to all patients. The panel urged those in the audience to get involved in ensuring these therapies become more widely available and used.

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