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HLTH Startup Pitch Competition

Show Floor, Startup Stage
October 9, 2023
Ugo Uwaoma MD MBA
Emma Tolsdorf
Pinkey Patel
Myri Health
Wes Donohoe
Nicole Cook
Stefano Selorio
Caroline Hodge
Dimer Health
Emilie Faure
Cameron Carter
Rosarium Health
Dr. Andrea L. Braden
Reza Amin
Bastion Health
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The StartUp Health Pitch was a competition where eleven companies interested in healthcare innovation gave presentations on how they are using technology and disruption to improve healthcare. The event was hosted by Agarthan Gia from Johnson & Johnson Innovation, along with a panel of judges from other notable companies like Cigna Ventures and Ascension Ventures. Companies presented solutions for various healthcare challenges such as remote patient diagnosis, wearable devices, artificial intelligence, and mental health treatments. The winner of the competition was Libby, a company focused on improving accessibility and treatment outcomes for those with eating disorders, led by CEO and Co-founder Nicole Cook.

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