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Heart Disease, Too Long at the Top

Show Floor, Sky Stage
October 8, 2023
James Min, MD
Maayan Cohen
Hello Heart
Mariell Jessup
American Heart Association
Wayne J. Franklin MD
Phoenix Children's
Nasrien E. Ibrahim, MD, MPH
The Equity in Heart Transplant Project, Inc
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In a medical panel discussing the prevention of heart disease in the US, it was noted that heart disease and stroke claim more lives annually than all forms of cancer combined. Despite the majority of these deaths being preventable, cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in the US. The panel suggested that the best way to tackle this issue is to personalize and individualize evaluation, education, treatment, and tracking of heart disease. They also emphasized the need to shift from a symptom-driven care model to a disease-focused one. Furthermore, they discussed the importance of utilizing artificial intelligence for personalized care and the need for a greater focus on holistic and preventative healthcare, especially for women. They also highlighted issues regarding healthcare inequality and the need for rigorous scientific evidence and guidelines to enhance healthcare outcomes.

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