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Healthcare, Everywhere, All at Once

Show Floor, Moon Stage
October 8, 2023
Aaron Severs
Caitlin Donovan
Uber Health
Dr. Nworah Ayogu
Amazon Clinic
Robina Verbeek
Marisa Bass
Primary Venture Partners
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The content is a panel discussion from Health 2023 that discusses the role of non-traditional players in healthcare. The participants included representatives from Primary, SOS, Amazon Clinic, Uber Health and Doc. Go. They explored the benefits and challenges of introducing non-traditional healthcare solutions and how they influence access to care and the management of care gaps. Through their different perspectives, they highlighted the importance of partnerships, convenience, accessibility, and continuity of care. Several panelists mentioned that through their platforms, they aim to fit within the existing healthcare ecosystem and improve patient services. They anticipate that the use of non-traditional healthcare settings will increase substantially over the next decade but believe traditional healthcare settings will continue to have an important role.

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