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Health Policy Past its Expiration Date

Show Floor, Sun Stage
October 9, 2023
Elizabeth Jurinka
Vistria, PRG
Bechara Choucair
Kaiser Permanente
Meghan Dierks MD
Komodo Health
Rodrigo Cerdá, M.D., MPH
Independence Blue Cross
Victor Bultó
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The panel discussed topics around health policy, priortizing the intersection of policy and the private sector in the health field. They examined how stakeholders, notably providers, suppliers, patients, insurance companies and the government, influence the politics of health policy. The panel pointed out issues facing providers such as burnout, administrative burden, as well as the dissatisfaction patients hold towards the current healthcare system.

The participants expressed the need for maximum flexibility in health policy, with the COVID-19 pandemic serving as an apt case study. The medical experts discussed the changes that came into play during the pandemic, including improved access to data, rapid measurement of healthcare interventions, and expedited drug development. They emphasized the need to maintain the momentum gained during the pandemic, particularly in public health practice.

Notably, topics around innovation, data application, utilization management, and balancing cost-effective healthcare drew significant attention. They acknowledged that while the American healthcare system is progressing, there are glaring cost, efficiency and effectiveness issues that need to be addressed.

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