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Headfirst into Health Equity Roundtable

LVCC, Lvl 2, Rm 228-230
October 10, 2023
Dr. Jay Bhatt
Jack O’ Brien
Haymarket Media
Ozgun (Oz) Demir
Jo Ann Saitta
Digital Transformation, EY
Akeel Williams
GM of GoodRx for Providers GoodRx
Egbavwe Pela
CMI Media Group
Susan Manber
Publicis Health
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This was a Health Equity event discussion hosted by mmm, a health-focused company, with several panelists in Las Vegas. Jack O'Brien, the digital editor of mmm, acted as a moderator. Panelists discussed various aspects of health equity, emphasizing the progress made and areas needing improvement - stressing the significance of focusing on both clinical and community health. They acknowledged the importance of promoting diversity within health-related organizations both in providing effective care and in enhancing business success. The discussions included strategies such as focusing on priority communities rather than underserved communities, enhancing life enjoyment and not just prolonging life, and continually chipping away at health inequities rather than becoming overwhelmed by the magnitude of the problem. The conversation ended on a positive note with participants expressing optimism for continued progress in achieving health equity.

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